5 November 2016



No contracts. No joining fees. Just sign up for the period of time that suits you and get amongst the fun that is TempoFit!


We're here to help runners—whether slow or speedy, experienced or newbie—fall in love with running. Something this good for you should be fun!


Running doesn't need to be solo. Enjoy having a personal coach, group workouts and an incredibly supportive community of fellow runners.


TempoFit provides the complete runner's experience with group workouts, coaching, injury prevention, training plans and an incredibly supportive community of runners just like you:

  • Group Workouts: Three in-person coaches workouts per week, including weekday workouts (TLC & ACCELERATE) at two Auckland locations and a Sunday long run (LSD).
    • TLC: Technique, drills, core, conditioning, strides … all that stuff that will help make you a smoother, less injury-prone and happier runner. Slightly less intensity than the Accelerate workouts.
    • ACCELERATE: Learn to get out of first gear and unleash your inner Ferrari! These workouts are tailored for the individual and gradually increase in intensity over the season.
    • LSD: Long, social and scenic distance runs. These are designed to develop endurance and aerobic capacity. Plus, you'll explore Auckland in all it's Sunday-morning beauty, meet loads of fellow runners, and be guided around by our TempoFit Pace Leaders. Every Sunday 8am at various locations.
  • On-demand Workouts: A weekly 10-min STRONG at-home online video workout to make you a stronger and more resilient runner. Includes core and conditioning workouts, recovery sessions and stretching.
  • Personal Coach: A 1:1 coaching consult immediately after joining and then every three months after that.
  • Training Plan: Tailored training plans to suit your lifestyle, current fitness levels and goals.
  • Weekly Emails: Get running tips and running motivation direct to your inbox ... every Monday!
  • TempoFit Tee: A free t-shirt or singlet for every six months of paid training (you'll receive your first tee after your second month's payment).
  • Online Community: Access to our private Facebook community to chat and connect with coaches and other TempoFit-ers.

If you want to get faster, run smoother, be injury free, go further, and have more fun ... you've come to the right place!


TempoFit in Auckland operates in two stunning locations:

  • Auckland Domain (Tue and Thu mornings 6:30-7:30am)
  • Westhaven (Tue & Thu evenings 6-7pm)

Click here for maps and further details.

Our Sunday group runs are held every weekend at 8am (except when there is a key race on) at various scenic locations around Auckland (alternating between trail and urban pathways).

TempoFit Auckland workouts are on rain or shine, all year round, except two weeks over Christmas and New Year when we email you your workouts.


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Auckland Full TempoFit Membership

One payment every 12 months

2x TempoFit tees/singlets

Payment of $984
(see refund policies below)




/ week

Auckland Full TempoFit Membership

One payment every 6 months

TempoFit tee/singlet

Payment of $540
(see refund policies below)




/ week

Auckland Full TempoFit Membership

One payment every 3 months

TempoFit tee/singlet

Payment of $285

(see refund policies below)




/ week

Auckland Full TempoFit Membership

One payment every month

TempoFit tee/singlet
(after 2 months)

Payment of $99
(each month - no contract)



18 Sep - 29 Oct: This 6-week special is perfect for busting your training out of the winter blues and putting a spring in your step ready for your upcoming event!

Just $139 for the entire 6-week season (18 Sep - 29 Oct). 


By clicking on any of the sign up links above you agree to all the terms and conditions below.

Ts & Cs

  • Risk: By signing up to TempoFit you agree to participate at your own risk and agree to not hold TempoFit, its staff or volunteers liable for any damage, loss or injury to your person or belongings. You understand the risks of vigorous exercise and have permission from your doctor or other medical professional to participate in TempoFit.
  • Pre-Paid Memberships: All memberships are pre-paid so there are no refunds, with a handful of key exceptions below.
  • Injury: One of the missions of TempoFit is to help you enjoy running injury free. And if you do get injured, we are here to help you through it. The online workouts, tailored training plan and some group workouts will help you to stay engaged and motivated throughout your recovery. If you need to cancel your membership (see "Refunds" below).
  • Illness: We have a refund policy for long term illnesses (see "Refunds" below), but we're here to help you return to running after those winter colds and flus.
  • Holidays: Our weekly emails and your training plans detail the running you'll be doing each week, so you can replicate TempoFit group workouts wherever you are in the world.
  • Life changes: There are many things in life that mean we have to change our fitness regimes (e.g. moving cities, changing jobs, starting a family) in these cases we do make allowance for refunds (see "Refunds" below).
  • Money-Back Guarantee: We are always wanting to improve TempoFit and provide an epic running experience, so if you're not happy with your experience, please let us know and we can arrange a refund (see below). But we also provide a week's free trial so you can try it out before committing. Any questions/concerns, please email us.
  • Refunds: In the case of long term injuries or illnesses or if you're moving away or having a major lifestyle change (i.e. there's a little bun in the oven), we are more than happy to partially refund your pre-paid purchase for either 3-month, 6-month or 12-month memberships (monthly memberships are non-refundable). The refund is calculated based on how many full months you have remaining on your current paid membership at a flat rate of $75 per month.
  • Prices: Our prices are calculated based on a weekly rate that is applied monthly based on an average of 4.3 weeks per month, rounded to the nearest dollar. E.g. $19 per week X 4.3 weeks = $81.70 per month (rounded up to $82)


Will I be fast enough for TempoFit?

If you can run 5k non-stop, then absolutely yes! We have designed TempoFit especially for you! We wanted a programme that was tailored to the needs of the individual but still allowed runners of all abilities to train together. This is what makes TempoFit so unique. You WILL fit in!

It’s raining, is TempoFit running?

Yes. Always. (Although sometimes we alter workouts to allow for adverse weather.)

Can I attend different TempoFit locations?

Yes. Mix and match to suit your work and family commitments. But aim to do just three TempoFit workouts per week: one TLC, one Accelerate and one LSD. TempoFit members can even visit TempoFit in other cities if season dates align.

Is it just for runners or can beginners and other sports people join?

At TempoFit we have everyone from rugby players to recovering couch potatoes and from ultra runners to gym junkies. We'll tailor the workouts to your fitness level and you'll find the technique, speed and endurance developments will cross into loads of other sports.

See our full list of frequently asked questions.