18 November 2016


Become a stronger, faster, more injury-resilient runner in the comfort of your living room! Our STRONG at-home video workouts will guide you through core and conditioning exercises, stretches and foam rolling recovery that will give your body the TLC that it deserves.

Strong: 027 – Happy Hips

Our hips are a key hinge point from which we can produce power, but if they are wake can lead to all sorts of instabilities and injury risks. This short workout will target common weak areas and also give the abs a little going over.  

Strong – 026 – Plank Like You’ve Never Planked Before

It’s to plank like it’s 1999! The ability to hold yourself in strong, postural correct position when parallel to the ground is a great way of making you strong when running upright. A little bit of core work and targeted strength training can get the areas that running on its own typically doesn’t reach. And this[…]

Strong: 025 – The Essentials

A short workout targeting some of the essential muscle groups for developing a smooth and stable running style. Sweat rating: 2/5 No gear required.

Strong: 024 – Stretchy Stretchy

It’s time to recover those muscles after all the racing and training we’ve done with a gentle stretch session with Hayden Shearman. 10 minutes. Zero sweat. Loads of recovery.

Strong: 023 – It’s Leg Day!

Calves, ankles, quads and glutes are the focus for this week’s STRONG workout. Expect a mild sweat. No gear required.

Strong: 022 – Core with Charlotte

Charlotte Shearman takes us through a series of core exercises designed to improve stability and posture when running. Sweat rating: 3/5 No gear required.

Strong: 021 – The Essentials

This is the core workout for the time starved. Five minutes and once through some of the key strengthening exercises that all runners should do on a regular basis. Sweat Rating: 1/5 No gear required.

Strong: 020 – Abs, Glutes + Obliques

The all-important hinge point between your arms and legs, as they move back and forth in opposing motion, is your core. Stable glutes, abdominals, lower back, and obliques are possibly the most important structural supports in your body for maintaining a smooth, injury-free running style. Sweat ratio: 3.5/10 No gear required.

Strong: 019 – Breathe + Stretch

This week’s STRONG workout is a nice relaxing 13-minute stretch. Enjoy taking some time to be kind to your body. Don’t forget to breathe nice and deep! Sweat Rating: No sweat this week

Strong: 018 – Glutes & Abs

Aside from running itself, these are probably the two most important areas for runners to exercise: abs and buns. No gear required. Sweat rating: 2/5 – mildly warmed up

Strong: 017 – Obliques

Your abdominals aren’t all about the elusive six-pack—the obliques provide a lot stability through the sides and help to avoid too much rotation twisting in the torso. Today we focus on obliques with a quick attack on the glutes as well. No gear needed. Sweat ratio: 2/5 (mildly warmed up)

Strong: 016 – 100 Squats

100 squats combined with various other core exercises with a stunning sunrise and a fair amount of Auckland wildlife in the background (apologies for the sound quality). No gear required. Mild-to-moderate sweat rating. Apologies for the sound quality. The Auckland wildlife was in full voice for this sunrise!

Strong: 015 – Core + Stretch

A short focus on core and glute med strength followed by a relaxing stretch of the middle area: hamstrings and hips. No gear required. Non-sweat workout.

Strong: 014 – Epic

Every so often we are throwing in a STRONG workout that is designed to get the heart rate up and drastically improve athleticism and your body’s ability to exert powerful force into the ground over very short periods of time (otherwise known as plyometrics). This is one of those workouts. Be prepared to get sweaty.[…]

Strong: 013 – Glutes, Abs & Obliques

Three of the most important areas for runners to strengthen are the glutes, abs and obliques. This short workout will help build strength and stability while running and won’t hurt the goals for shaping up for summer either! Gear required: – One small weight 1-12kg (large can of food, 2 litre drink bottle, dumb bell[…]

Strong: 012 – Stretching

It’s time to take it easy with this 10-minute stretch session. Enjoy lengthening out all those muscles that have been working so hard when running.

Strong: 011 – Core and Plyometrics

This one will leave you energised! The combo of core work and plyometrics will get the heart rate up and help make you a more stable and athletic runner. No gear required.

Strong – 16 Jan 2017 – Abs & Glutes

Abs and glutes are the foundation to a stable and efficient running technique. This 10-minute workout is just the thing your abs and glutes have been looking for! 🙂 No gear required.

Strong – 9 Jan 2017 – Hip Mobility

A good running style all hinges at the hips. Today’s recovery session is about increasing mobility through the hips from dynamic stretches, static stretches, and foam rolling. Gear required: foam roller ball (tennis ball, physio ball, or hockey ball)

Strong – 2 Jan 2017 – Core

This week is all about core: abs, obliques, lower back and glutes. And luckily enough, these are ideal areas to target before hitting the beach. Win!

Strong – 26 Dec 2016 – Leg Day

Without your legs you’re running isn’t exactly going to be taking you places, so today Hayden Shearman guides us through a high-energy 10-minute leg workout. You will need one weight. This could be a dumbbell or kettle bell or just a bottle of water or tin can. Happy leg day.

Strong – 19 Dec 2016 – Mobility

Keep that physio happy with this week’s mobility for runners workout. Not so much intensity, but plenty of active recovery. Enjoy!

Strong – 12 Dec 2016 – Buns and Abs

Like your stereotypical infomercial, this week’s STRONG workout is all about buns and abs. You will need: A seat, half foam roller or a low stool A small weight e.g. 2 litre milk or can of food

Strong – 5 Dec 2016 – Foam Rolling

It’s time to be pro-active about that recovery. And this 18-minute foam rolling session is just the ticket to sort out those tired runner’s legs. You will need: – one firm foam roller – one tennis ball, hockey ball or physio ball

Strong – 28 Nov 2016 – Full Body Workout

This full body workout will help with general strength and stability when running. Stay strong. Run happy.  

Strong – 21 Nov 2016 – Core

Before hitting the tracks and the trails, get strong in your own living room with this at-home workout for runners! Stay strong. Run happy.

Strong – 7 Nov 2016 – Posterior Chain

Here’s the first of our weekly STRONG 15-minute, at-home workout videos. Get strong in your own living room before hitting the tracks and the trails!   Strong 001: Posterior Chain from TempoFit on Vimeo.