25 September 2019

Workout of the Week

Wherever you are, whenever you like, you can run TempoFit's Workout of the Week!

This 15-minute weekly podcast will guide you through the what, the why and the how of each week's running workout.

It's 15 minutes because that's the minimum time we recommend people jog for their warm up. So listen as you run and hear about the workout you'll be doing that week. We also recommend you do some dynamic stretches and warm up drills before diving into the workout as well—you can find ideas for those here.

The fun really starts once you've crushed your TempoFit Workout of the Week. Jump on to Instagram, Facebook or Strava to post up photos, GPS files or aftermath from your workout and use the hashtag #tempofitwow (WOW standing for "workout of the week") and be sure to tag us in @runtempofit. We'll cheer you on and give you the props you deserve for getting the workout done!

It's your weekly dose of running inspiration, guidance, entertainment and community—sharing in the joys and challenges of running with a community of TempoFit runners from all over the world!

New workout every Monday.


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Workout of the Week: 051 – Ladder Session #3

Are you ready for some distance? This week’s ladder session eases up the pace a little but goes a longer as we deliberately hunt out some hills. Bring them on!  WHAT? Ladder Session (in mins): 2-4-6-8-6-4-2 @ lactate threshold (your 1-hour race effort) Recovery: 2min recovery jogs Terrain: Mixed, undulating terrain. Feels: Climb every mountain![…]

Workout of the Week: 050 – Ladder Session #2

  It’s more fartlek ladder goodness this week! And this time with a slant towards more endurance than speed. WHAT? Ladder Session (in mins): 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1 @ 3k – 15k race effort Recovery: 1min easy recovery jogs Terrain: Mixed, undulating terrain. Feels: Feel the rhythm. There’s 25 minutes of work in this workout, and with only[…]

Workout of the Week: 049 – Fartlek Ladder #1

To celebrate a new month and a new season, we’re launching into a new training block of fartlek ladder sessions—perfect for building speed and endurance and having a whole heap of fun in the process! WHAT? Ladder Session (in mins): 1-2-3-4-4-3-2-1 @ 3k-10k race effort Recovery: 1min easy recovery jogs Terrain: Mixed, undulating terrain. Feels:[…]

Workout of the Week: 048 – Tempo + 1k Reps

This week it’s a mixture of grind and puff by starting with a tempo run and then winding up the pace with some 5k race paced intervals. WHAT? 20mins @ lactate threshold pace 2x1k @ your 5k race pace Recovery: 2mins easy recovery jogs Terrain: Track or flat, measurable pathway. Feels: Grind and Puff. This[…]

Workout of the Week: 047 – 35-Min Tempo Run

This week we’re getting meaty with a big old 35-minute tempo run. This is a great way to blow out the cobwebs! WHAT The Good Old-Fashioned Tempo Run 35mins @ lactate threshold pace Terrain: Flat-ish, measurable pathway. Feels: Like a metronome. For distance runners, there’s nothing quite like the grind of a tempo run to[…]

Workout of the Week: 046 – Tempo + Strides

You’ve gotta love a good old tempo run! This week we’re doing 25 minutes with some technique-targeting strides at the start. WHAT Tempo Run + Strides 4x20sec strides (100sec recovery jogs) 25mins @ lactate threshold pace Terrain: Flat-ish, measurable pathway. Feels: Armed and ready. Use the 4x20sec strides at the start to practice some technique[…]

Workout of the Week: 045 – Ride the Storm

Learning to become comfortable with discomfort is what we’re seeking to do during August as we dive into our first session of tempo runs and riding the storm! WHAT 2 sets of: 3x20sec strides (100sec recovery jogs) 10mins @ lactate threshold pace (3mins recovery jogs) Terrain: Running track or measurable pathway. Feels: Ride the storm![…]

Workout of the Week: 044 – Kick It Mile Reps

Finishing mile reps nice and fast is a super fun way to run intervals. And a great way to unleash your inner beast! WHAT Kick It Mile Reps 4x 1 Mile @ your 10k race pace With each final 400m @ your 3k race pace (2-3mins recovery jogs) Terrain: Running track or a flat, measurable[…]

Workout of the Week: 043 – Two-Speed Intervals

We carry on our month-long journey into the wonderful world of interval sessions. And this one is a fun workout that tests your ability to internally regulate subtle differences in pace.  WHAT Two-Speed Intervals 3x 1k @ your 10k race pace 3x 1k @ your 5k race pace (90secs recovery jogs) Terrain: Flat, measurable pathway.[…]

Workout of the Week: 042 – The Classic

This is a classic workout that tests your muscular and metabolic abilities to go at a good clip for a good long time.  WHAT A Classic 6x 1 mile @ your 10k race pace (2mins recovery jogs) Terrain: Flat, measurable pathway. Feels: Time in the zone. The length of this workout makes the end goal[…]

Workout of the Week: 041 – Intro to Intervals

This week is all about doing some quality speed work and also laying the foundations for next week with an intro to interval training. WHAT Intro to Intervals 5x30s strides (90s jog) 5x1k @ Your 10k Race Pace (1min recovery) Terrain: Flat, measurable pathway or running track. Feels: Laying foundations. Like last week, we’re not[…]

Workout of the Week: 040 – Fast n Fresh

We’re getting fast this week! But we’re also focusing on keeping relatively fresh so we don’t muddy the waters on building that base, raw running speed. WHAT 3x30secs strides (90secs jogs) 3x10secs sprints (2min jogs) 20min tempo run @ your half marathon pace Terrain: Flat, measurable pathway or running track. Feels: Fast ‘n’ Fresh. The[…]

Workout of the Week: 039 – The Strides & Steady Sandwich

Practice starting right and finishing right in this sandwich of speed and steady session. WHAT The Strides & Steady Sandwich 3x30secs strides 2x10mins @ your 1-hour race effort (2min jogs) 3x30secs strides Terrain: Flat or mixed terrain. Stable under foot for strides. Feels: Perfect practise. Every workout is an opportunity to perfect running in YOUR[…]

Workout of the Week: 038 – The 3-Level Fartlek

This workout is the natural extension to Zane Robertson’s fartlek session last week, with a tweak in either direction on the endurance-speed scale. WHAT The 3-Level Fartlek 5x2mins @ 10k effort (1min jogs) 5x1min @ 3k effort (1min jogs) 5x30secs fast (90secs jogs) Terrain: Undulating mixed terrain. Stable under foot. Feels: Relax and find your[…]

Workout of the Week: 037 – Zane Robertson

2:08 marathoner Zane Robertson joins us to talk through a classic East African fartlek session that you can tailor to your fitness and current training goals. WHAT 10-20x 1min fast, 1min jog Terrain: Undulating mixed terrain. Keep it fun! Feels: Listening to what your body can do. You can tackle this workout several ways: 1)[…]

Workout of the Week: 036 – The Step-Up Fartlek

Train that inner tiger with this workout so you’re ready to pounce even when the going gets tough! WHAT 3 sets of: [6mins @ lactate threshold (your 1-hour race effort), 2mins @ 5k effort, 2mins jog.] Terrain: Undulating mixed terrain. Keep it fun! Feels: Comfortable with discomfort. With two main goals to this workout—(1) to[…]

Workout of the Week: 035 – 40 Minutes of Freedom

A little bit of hills, a little bit of endurance, a little bit of faster stuff … this workout has all the ingredients for a fun and free session! WHAT 40mins @ marathon effort w/ 6x1min @ 5k effort No recoveries. Terrain: Undulating mixed terrain. Keep it fun! Feels: Freedom! This workout is designed to[…]


Workout of the Week: 034 – Matt Baxter’s Hill Reps

Matt Baxter is the New Zealand record holder in the 5000m indoors and World Cross Country represented. He’s a beast of a runner and this week presents a VERY MEATY workout in the hills. Matt Baxter’s Hill Reps 4x800m Hill Reps @ 10k, 5k, 3k & Mile Race Efforts 4x200m Hill Reps Fast Jog back[…]

Workout of the Week: 033 – Arthur Lydiard’s Out-and-Back

This week we get inspiration from one of the world’s great coaches, Arthur Lydiard. He became famous for his periodised training approach and the out-and-back was a common session he would do in the base conditioning phase, which was an athlete’s of-season—making this ideal for a lockdown workout. WHAT Arthur Lydiard’s Out-and-Back 15mins out 15mins[…]

Workout of the Week: 032 – Lydia O’Donnell’s 1K Reps

This week another of NZ’s top distance runners, Lydia O’Donnell guides us through one of her all-time favourite workouts: 8x1k at your 10k pace. WHAT 8x1k @ 10k Race Pace 90-120sec recoveries Start at half marathon pace for first rep. Feels: On a roll! This isn’t a smash-it-out-of-the-park 1K reps session. It’s designed to be[…]

Workout of the Week: 031 – Katherine Camp’s Fartlek Progression

Katherine Camp is one of the NZ’s leading middle distance runners and the reigning 800m National Champ. This week she guides us through a fartlek workout designed to build that speed endurance and also teach the body to run fast and controlled when tired. WHAT Fartlek Progression Equal time of work-to-recovery: 2x90secs 2x60secs 2x30secs 4x15secs[…]

Workout of the Week: 030 – The Tempo Sandwich w/ Nick Willis

  For the first time ever we have an Olympic medalist talking us through our weekly workout. Nick Willis brings one of his favourite reboot-style workouts that he actually used to great effect 10 days before he set the current New Zealand 1500m Record of 3:29 back in 2015. WHAT The Tempo Sandwich 4x45sec hill[…]

Workout of the Week: 029 – w/ Angie & Sam Petty

This week we have a great fartlek session presented by speedy couple Angie and Sam Petty. WHAT 4 sets of (3mins on, 3mins off, 90secs on, 90secs off) Plus: 4x8secs strides to finish On: 5k pace Off: Easy jog Feels: Movin’! In the podcast, Angie explains how this workout is designed to keep the heart[…]

Workout of the Week: 028 – 6x3mins with a Twist

This is the ultimate Covid-19 stress buster. Run it from home, in your neighbourhood and have a blast! WHAT Fartlek: 6x3mins @ your 1-hour race effot (2min jogs) With 6x15secs strides anywhere in the workout! Terrain: Mix it up and keep it local. Feels: Stress busting! No specific paces to hit and the freedom to blast out[…]

Workout of the Week: 027 – 2x5k w/ Malcolm Hicks

As the world enters global lockdown we’re stoked to have NZ’s #4 all-time marathoner, Malcolm Hicks, present the finale of our Massive March workouts. WHAT 2x5k @ marathon pace (3mins jog between) In the second half of your long run Terrain: Mixed, with some flat measurable paths (to check pace) and some off-road (to keep it[…]

Workout of the Week: 026 – 2x20mins Marathon Pace + Strides

In the midst of global craziness, races being cancelled and social distancing, we are still crushing out Massive March workouts. And this is a goodie … WHAT 2x20mins @ marathon pace (5mins jog between) (OR 2x 15mins @ half marathon). With 2x30secs at the beginning, middle and end Terrain: Mixed, with some flat measurable paths[…]

Workout of the Week: 025 – Oska Inkster-Baynes 4×10 Minutes

Now we’re in the middle of Massive March we have the perfect man for the job of helping us adapt to going longer and marathon pace: Oska Inkster-Baynes—the reigning NZ marathon champ! This is a workout he will do out on the hills behind Christchurch and is ideally done to heart-rate/feel rather than exact pace.[…]

Workout of the Week: 024 – Marathon Pace & Tempo

This March we are getting massive with some marathon-style workouts. This week’s workout is another step in that direction by adding in 2x2km at your marathon goal pace, with a sneaky 20-minute tempo run thrown in the middle. WHAT 2km @ marathon pace (or half marathon), 1min jog 20mins @ your lactate threshold (or 1-hour[…]

Workout of the Week: 023 – Cruise Intervals & 1k Reps

In March we are gearing up for marathon season with some serious workouts designed to get the engine running long and strong! This first week of Massive March is an ideal transition from the faster interval sessions we have been doing into the slower but longer tempo work we will do. WHAT 2 sets of:[…]

Workout of the Week: 022 – Cam Graves 1k Reps

For the final week of Fast February we bring you a super fun gear-changing workout from a super fast Kiwi, Cam Graves. It’s 5x1k but not as you’ve ever known it! In each 1k rep, every 200m we’ll be oscillating between mile pace and 10k race pace. So get ready to get speedy! And don’t[…]

Workout of the Week: 021 – Mile & KM Reps

This month is all about getting those wheels rollin’! And to help fuel your workouts, we’ve partnered with New Balance to give away a $150 EVERY WEEK in February. To enter, all you need to do is tag @runtempofit AND @newbalancenz in your Instagram or Facebook workout posts each week. And this week, we’re doing[…]

Workout of the Week: 020 – Camille Buscomb

This week we have a special guest presenting one of her favourite interval workouts especially for Fast February. And it comes from one freakishly fast lady … Camille Buscomb is New Zealand’s current queen of distance running having finished 12th in both the 5000m and 10,000m at last year’s World Champs—both in personal best times[…]

Workout of the Week: 019 – Accelerators & 1K Reps

Fast February: Part 1 This month is all about getting those wheels rollin’! And to help fuel your workouts, we’ve partnered with New Balance to give away a $150 EVERY WEEK in February. To enter, all you need to do is tag @runtempofit AND @newbalancenz in your Instagram or Facebook workout posts each week. Get[…]

Workout of the Week: 018 – 200s & Tempo

Have you ever approached a run like you would, say, practising the piano or learning to swing a golf club? This workout is designed a lot like that—teaching you to smoothly and quickly … even when a little tired. WHAT 3x200m @ repetition pace (200m jog recoveries) 20min Tempo Run @ lactate threshold pace (2min[…]

Workout of the Week: 017 – Ladder Session

One of the classic track sessions, the Ladder is designed to get things moving really well with the shorter first few reps and then test that good technique with endurance (with the 400s and 800) and then test it again with fatigue (with the 200s to finish). Give this workout a go and let us[…]

Workout of the Week: 016 – Mixed Fartlek

It’s back to the trails we go! This week we’re doing a mixed fartlek session with a tasty combo of fast, steady and easy on the menu. It’s one of those workouts that, when run correctly, leaves you absolutely pumped! Mixed Fartlek – 6x the following 5-minute block over undulating terrain:  2mins steady 1min easy 30secs[…]

Workout of the Week: 015 – Strides & Intervals

It’s a new year … in fact it’s a whole new decade! So let’s use January to lay the foundation for our best year of running yet! Throughout January we’re going to do workouts designed to jumpstart your running. These touch different energy systems without niching down on one in particular—with the exception of higher[…]

Workout of the Week: 014 – Feel-Good Fartlek

As we farewell 2019, we’re doing a run-it-as-you-feel fartlek: 10x 1min on, 1min off. You might do it fast, you might do it cruisey, or you might start slower and finish fast—it’s up to you and how your legs are feeling! Fartlek: 10x 1min at whatever speed you feel like Recoveries: 1 minute easy jog Terrain: Fun[…]

Workout of the Week: 013 – Peter Snell 800s

Following the sad passing of one the world’s greatest middle distance runners, this week we’re doing the workout that Peter Snell did two weeks out from his double gold (800m & 1500m) at the 1964 Olympics. It’s the mother of all interval workouts. So get ready to get those lungs pumping! WHAT 6x800m* @ VO2max[…]

Workout of the Week: 012 – Hayden Wilde 6x1k

This one is a classic! It comes from a young gritty triathlete who has been turning heads all over the triathlon world with his come-from-behind strategy. Give this a go to sharpen up for a 5k race or to just unleash the lungs and the legs to do their thing! 6x1k @ 5k race pace[…]

Workout of the Week: 011 – Hannah Wells’ 200s

Ready to get those wheels rolling? This workout from elite Kiwi triathlete Hannah Wells is perfect for all those looking to get speedy! 16x 200m @ your VO2max pace Recoveries100m jog (very light) after each interval TerrainFlat, ideally on a track (although this can be run as a fartlek: 30secs on, 30secs off) FeelsStoking the[…]

Workout of the Week: Fartlek Intervals – 010

This workout is a super energiser. Shorter intervals but quicker speed mean you’ll be getting both lungs and legs cranking! Be sure to join our club on Strava: strava.com/clubs/runtempofit And our group on Facebook: facebook.com/groups/teamtempofit/ And don’t forget to connect on: Facebook @runtempofit Instagram @runtempofit #tempofitwow #tempofitwow010 (the three numbers at the end matching the number[…]

Workout of the Week: 009 – The Fun Fartlek

We’re back in to some fartlek action this week! BTW … “fartlek” is Swedish for “speed play” and this  is the perfect description of this super fun, gear-changing workout! Be sure to join our club on Strava: strava.com/clubs/runtempofit And our group on Facebook: facebook.com/groups/teamtempofit/ And don’t forget to connect on: Facebook @runtempofit Instagram @runtempofit #tempofitwow[…]

Workout of the Week: 008 – Mixed Intervals

The interval session is probably the most commonly run workout amongst runners and this workout is a nice meeting ground between the tempo runs we have been doing and a classic 1k reps session. A little VO2max, a little threshold, and a good dose of determination required to get you through the closing stages of[…]

Workout of the Week: 007 – Progression Run

My former coach used to call these workouts predator runs, because they have that approach of initially stalking your prey at a slower speed, then closing the gap with a faster pace and then unleashing for the final effort to take down your dinner! This week we’re doing just that (minus the dinner—I leave that[…]

Workout of the Week: 006 – 40-Minute Tempo

This is an epic workout! 40 minutes at your lactate threshold pace (one-hour race pace). No recovery jogs, no strides—just a good old solid tempo run! And without the taper that you would do before a race, this will begin to feel race-like as you get into the final 5-10 minutes. This is the final[…]

Workout of the Week: 005 – 30-minute Tempo

Congratulations to everyone who ran the Auckland Marathon (and half and traverse)! It’s been so cool following your results on social media and seeing the reward of all that hard work in training come to fruition! This week we step things up towards epic proportions in our workout with a 30-minute tempo run, plus strides[…]

Workout of the Week: 004 – 25-Minute Tempo

Break out that GPS watch! It’s time to introduce the tempo run! We’ve crossed the midway point in this lactate threshold 6-week block training and so we’re switching from fartlek intervals to sustained tempo runs. And with this change, we’re leaving the trails for flight, ideally measured, paths (or you can do this in a[…]

Workout of the Week: 003 – Fartlek 3×8 minutes

We’re now into the finale of our three-week block of lactate threshold fartlek training. This time we’ve got a significant step up in duration of each of the intervals, but the good news is that we’ve only got three intervals … and longer recoveries! It’s a fartlek workout again, so hunt out your favourite undulating[…]

Workout of the Week: 002 – Fartlek 6x 3:30

After last week’s intro to threshold training, today we step things up by tweaking two dials: interval length and recovery duration. It’s a fartlek workout again, so hunt out your favourite undulating trails and get ready to get rollin’! And we are now on Strava, make sure you join our club here: strava.com/clubs/runtempofit And don’t[…]

Workout of the Week 1

Workout of the Week: 001 – Fartlek 6×3

Here it is … the first ever TempoFit Workout of the Week! As the name suggests, this is a weekly run workout delivered via podcast, email and social media so you can do the run wherever you are in the world and whenever you like. Each week we’ll give you the what, the how and[…]


Hayden Shearman

Hayden is the founder and head coach at TempoFit.org. Since discovering running in his 20s (after growing up surfing and skateboarding at every spare moment) he took to the trails, tracks and training like a duck to water.

He loves everything from an all-out 800 to a slow, scenic marathon and has run competitively in New Zealand and the UK. Passion for his own running soon became passion for coaching others to achieve their goals, hence the birth of TempoFit in 2013. And he's written a couple of books on running in his favourite parts of the world.

Favourite running workout? He says it's almost an impossible question to answer, because part of what he loves about running is the variety, but if has to pick ... fartlek over beautifully rolling trails 6x 3mins 30secs at about 10k pace with the final 30 seconds run very fast (90 seconds jog recovery)—leaves you feeling incredibly worked and incredibly pumped all at the same time!