8 July 2016

Wellington TempoFit Taster – Sat 23 July


2-3pm Saturday 23 July, 2016


Thinking about checking out TempoFit but want to dip your toes in the water before diving head-on into a 6-week season? This taster session is for you.

The session will begin with a meet-and-greet with your coaches (as well as head coach Hayden Shearman) and a chat about your running goals and how TempoFit can help you reach them. Then we head outside for a little workout.

Come in your running gear ready for about 30mins of exercise. We will walk you through some of our introductory drills and do a mild running workout. Nothing too strenuous or scary.

Absolutely free of charge and suitable for runners of ALL abilities!

When? 2pm Saturday 23 July, 2016 (session will be one-hour long)
Where? Freyberg Pool, Oriental Bay, Wellington
Who? For anyone interested in discovering more about improving their running.

Contact: Jo Murray | 021 976116 | jo@athleticswellington.org.nz



This will help us with planning.


Will I be fast enough for TempoFit?

If you can run 5k non-stop, then absolutely yes! We have designed TempoFit especially for you! We wanted a programme that was tailored to the needs of the individual but still allowed runners of all abilities to train together. This is what makes TempoFit so unique. You WILL fit in!

It’s raining, is TempoFit running?

Yes. Always. (Although sometimes we alter workouts to allow for adverse weather.)

Can I attend different TempoFit locations? 

Yes. Mix and match to suit your work and family commitments. But aim to do just three TempoFit workouts per week: one TLC, one Accelerate and one LSD. TempoFit members can even visit TempoFit in other cities if season dates align.

Is it just for runners or can beginners and other sports people join?

At TempoFit we have everyone from rugby players to recovering couch potatoes and from ultra runners to gym junkies. We'll tailor the workouts to your fitness level and you'll find the technique, speed and endurance developments will cross into loads of other sports.


Jo Murray - 021 976 116