Audio Coach: Running Technique 101


A 50-minute audio coach guide to master the basics of a smooth, efficient, injury-preventing, and enjoyable running style. Presented by TempoFit head coach Hayden Shearman.

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Master the essentials of a smooth, efficient, injury-preventing, and enjoyable running style.

TempoFit head coach Hayden Shearman has coached 100s of everyday runners to head towards their optimal running style. In this 50-minute audio coaching guide Hayden tackles the most common running technique mistakes and provides easy-to-follow cues and exercises to get your body moving the way it was intended.

Suitable for all runners, whether slow or speedy, newbie or old-timer.

This guide is a listen-as-you-run audio tool. Save it to your phone or other MP3 player and play when you are ready to go running (preferably in a flat, traffic free running environment).

Length: 48:32
Format: MP3
Size: 23MB

Price: $14.99 NZD

Listen to a sample of Running Technique 101: 

Note: Unless you stream the Audio Coach direct from your device, iPhone users will need to first save the MP3 file to your desktop iTunes account and then sync to your mobile device. Android users can “long click” on the MP3 file link and then hit “Save Link”—this will download the file to your phone. 

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