26 August 2016


Here are some super common questions we get asked all the time about TempoFit.


I’m new to running, will I fit in?
Absolutely. Workouts are tailored to suit the individual and we have people of many different levels who will be able to keep you company throughout the sessions. Our only requirement for is that you can run 5k non-stop at any speed, slow or fast (inside 40-minutes is a good gauge). If you’re not at this level yet, get in touch and we can put a training plan together for you.

Is it just for runners or can sports people do this for off-season or pre-season training?
Yes. A TempoFit season will help develop your running technique and speed and also keep those fitness levels up during the off-season. If you can run 5k non-stop, you will feel at home at TempoFit.

I can’t run fast, is TempoFit for me?
The whole ethos of TempoFit is to allow runners of ALL speeds to workout out together in a team environment but still run at speeds tailored for the individual. So there is no such thing as too slow at TempoFit. In fact you'll love the support and camaraderie that running in a team provides.

I’m injury prone, will speed training aggravate this?
The TempoFit programme is designed to suit the individual, so you can control how hard you go in each workout. We also spread different types of workouts across the week to lighten the fatigue levels on your body: TLC workouts are about developing technique and creating athletic, injury resistant bodies; Accelerate workouts will help improve your endurance at faster paces, and our weekend long runs (LSD) are social, easy-paced runs where you can decide how long to run for and how fast.

It’s raining, is TempoFit running?
Yes. Always. Although sometimes we make alternative workout arrangements if the weather conditions make it unsafe.

I'm a little anxious about my first week of TempoFit. Will it be hard out?
TempoFit is designed to provide a gradual increase in workout intensity. Your muscles and connective tissue will take several weeks to adapt, so we allow for this by taking things gradual at a rate suited to your fitness level. And by the end of the six weeks you'll definitely have discovered a few extra gears to your running.

I can’t make every session, can I still do TempoFit?
Yes. Do as few or as many as you like. Plus, we will email you details of each week's workout so you can do replicate the workout in your own time.

How do I discover my training paces?
At the start of a TempoFit you'll do a fitness test that will compute your training paces for the remainder of that season. If you miss this fitness test you can calculate your training paces by using a recent race result or 5k race estimate to plug into this calculator. Record your paces and race projections to use at workouts.

What do all the training paces and terms mean? 
We've put together a comprehensive glossary of running and TempoFit lingo here.



Who is behind TempoFit?
TempoFit was founded by Hayden and Charlotte Shearman in 2013. TempoFit is currently in partnership with Athletics NZ to bring TempoFit's team training model to Kiwis all over New Zealand.

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