7 September 2016

TempoFit Online // Late Spring 2016: Welcome


Welcome to TempoFit’s Online training!

Congrats on making an investment into your running. At TempoFit we firmly believe that everyone with legs, lungs and a beating heart is born to run and that it is the best form of exercise on the planet!

The next six weeks is about us sharing this passion with you. We want you to leave you filled with excitement about your running. We want you to finish this season a happier, more confident, smoother and stronger runner.

Get excited about falling in love with your running!



The first thing to do is to make sure you are connected to your fellow TempoFit-ers all around the world. So follow TempoFit on Facebook and be sure to join the group/s below that are most relevant to you:


Running is a beautifully simplistic sport—you don’t actually need a hang of a lot to enjoy it. So we’ve kept things at a bare minimum:

  • Run Course: A nearby flat stretch of pavement or firm trails in which to perform the longer workouts (ACCELERATE sessions);
  • Drills Venue: A grass field or artificial surface for performing drills (TLC sessions);
  • Timing Device: A stopwatch or phone with stopwatch capability;
  • Measuring Device: Either a GPS watch to measure speeds and distances OR measured tracks or running routes in which you can use a stopwatch to track speeds/times;
  • Smart Phone (not compulsory): It’s also a good idea to take a smart phone with you on workouts so you can check back over these notes mid-workout.


A TempoFit season involves these three prescribed workouts each week:

TLC: Technique, drills, core and conditioning (C&C), strides … all that stuff that will help make you a smoother, less injury-prone and happier runner. Slightly less intensity than the ACCELERATE workouts.

ACCELERATE: Learn to get out of first gear and unless your inner Ferrari! These workouts are tailored for the individual and gradually increase in intensity over the season. Include time trials/fitness tests.

LSD: Long, social and scenic distance runs. These are designed to develop endurance and aerobic capacity. Keep the pace easy and conversational (meaning it’s a great idea to take company or have a a great audio book or new album to listen to).

The training plan below outlines what you might do outside of these three workouts, please download it, print it to the fridge or save it to your phone so you can reference it easily every day.


Race & Pace Calculator: Enter times from recent races or our time trials to discover your training paces and estimates for finish times in other distances. Visit

Glossary: Strides, lactate threshold, VO2max … We use a little jargon throughout the season, so to stay in the know keep this page bookmarked. Visit

Pre-Season Prep: If you’re not starting the season immediately, this blog entry will give you plenty of ideas for preparing your body to get the most out of a TempoFit season. Visit


We’ve developed our training plans from current running research and by working with hundreds of runners of all abilities. So we think we’ve hit on an exceptional formula to help you take your running to the next level. However, theres two main reasons TempoFit might not work for you:

  1. Too Much, Too Soon: Injury risks are huge whenever starting a new running programme. So it’s important to be very patient with your approach. One workout won’t transform your running, but it sure can destroy it by leaving you injured. So follow the plan by taking only small jumps up in distances (no more than a 10% increase in longest run and overall mileage each week) and listen to your body for signals of injuries or fatigue. Don’t be afraid to back off the training by first of all dropping the faster running for a workout or two and second dropping the length and frequency of your runs.
  2. Slow Progress: It’s very rare to see any improvement in running (or any fitness regime) inside the first three weeks. After this you’ll start to notice real change in your running technique, fitness, speed and also body composition. But don’t expect this in the first three weeks. Instead, focus on just ticking the boxes in completing your workouts and one day you’ll find your fitness has taken some big steps forward.

Alright … enough of the talk it’s time to start transforming that running!