7 February 2017



Whether slow or speedy, experienced or newbie, every runner finds a home at TempoFit.

Reach your goals, ignite your motivation and transform your running!

Check out all the benefits of being a TempoFit member below ...

Whether you want to nail a new PB or just feel less ploddy, TempoFit's speed training is just the ticket.
We teach kids how to swim, why does no one teach us to run? Learn an efficient technique to help improve speed and the enjoyment of running.
We will sit down with you to talk about goals and tailor a training plan just for you. No more guess work.
TempoFit members receive discounted entries to races and voucher codes for running gear and nutrition. Sweet deal!
Who said running need be a solo sport? Join an incredibly supportive team of fellow runners of all abilities.
Develop a strong core to make you a smoother runner and help prevent injuries ... oh and look great at the beach!
On average, five weeks of TempoFit improves new runners’ performances in a 5k time trial by a whopping six per cent.
Our monthly fitness tests allow you to check your progress and set the training paces that are perfect for you.

“TempoFit definitely sped me up. In the half I beat my target of sub two hours ... 10 minutes faster than last year.” - Becky

TempoFit provides the complete runner's experience ...

... with group workouts, coaching, injury prevention, training plans and an incredibly supportive community of runners just like you. The following details all the benefits for TempoFit Auckland members (in other centres we run things slightly different with 6-week seasons instead of Auckland's year-round, ready-when-you-are approach): 

Group Workouts: Three in-person coaches workouts per week, including weekday workouts (TLC & ACCELERATE) at three Auckland locations and a Sunday long run (LSD).

TLC: Technique, drills, core, conditioning, strides … all that stuff that will help make you a smoother, less injury-prone and happier runner. Slightly less intensity than the Accelerate workouts.

ACCELERATE: Learn to get out of first gear and unleash your inner Ferrari! These workouts are tailored for the individual and gradually increase in intensity over the season.

LSD: Long, social and scenic distance runs. These are designed to develop endurance and aerobic capacity. Plus, you'll explore Auckland in all it's Sunday-morning beauty, meet loads of fellow runners, and be guided around by our TempoFit Pace Leaders. Every Sunday 8am at various locations.

On-demand Workouts: A weekly 15-min STRONG at-home online video workout to make you a stronger and more resilient runner. Includes core and conditioning workouts, recovery sessions and stretching.

Personal Coach: A 1:1 coaching consult immediately after joining and then every three months after that.

Training Plan: Tailored training plans to suit your lifestyle, current fitness levels and goals.

Weekly Emails: Get running tips and running motivation direct to your inbox ... every Monday!

TempoFit Tee: A free t-shirt or singlet for every six months of paid training (you'll receive your first tee after your second month's payment).

Online Community: Access to our private Facebook community to chat and connect with coaches and other TempoFit-ers.

If you want to get faster, run smoother, be injury free, go further, and have more fun ... you've come to the right place!

Other TempoFit locations: Hawke's Bay, Wellington, Dunedin.

Coach Profile: Hayden Shearman (TempoFit Head Coach)

Growing up surfing and skateboarding, in his 20s Hayden took to the mental and physical challenge of running like a duck to water. He has coached literally 1000s of runners of all abilities and believes that everyone can find fulfilment and joy in running through gradual and consistent training with an emphasis on technique, athleticism and recovery.

As well as founding TempoFit, Hayden is a New Balance ambassador and has also published several running books and blogs about his running adventures here