7 July 2021

Run Revolution

Run Revolution is a 5-week, in-school running and exercise challenge that harnesses the accessible movement of running and walking to empower, inspire and equip Intermediate-aged Kiwis to build a lifelong love of movement and exercise.

  • Three in-class sessions per week with fun relays, challenges and games
  • Run or walk a 5k by the end of the programme—and have a blast when you do so!
  • Take-home training diary to measure your progress, track your fitness metrics and stay inspired
  • Complete a total of 42k over the five weeks (walking and biking to school counts to your total)
  • Videos from TempoFit coaches giving you insider tips on how to run faster and enjoy it more

The end result is to get you amped on exercise and running!


Sponge Bob Speedy Pants Relay

This session is a super fun relay that involves a lot of water and fast running. Part team work, part sprinting, part sponge squeezing technique!


Fast Run

Whānau Run (18 minutes)

5K Whānau Run

This is the big 5k! For many of us, this will be our longest run ever. So pacing is SUPER important. If you’re not thinking that running to slow at the start, then you’re definitely going to fast!

Also, be sure to take members of your household bubble with you. They might be on a bike next you or joining you on the run, but make sure they watch this video and understand you need to go at YOUR pace in order to enjoy the most possible!

Stretch: 5-Minute At-Home Stretch

Strong: 10-Minute At-Home Strength Workout