How to get after it

By Hayden Shearman

Much of running training is going at an easy, controlled pace; but there are times when we need to crank up the dial and really get after it. This can quite daunting to do in training, so I wanted to share some tips on how to get yourself in the zone to really own a session.

  1. Reduce Friction. Try to structure your day so that there’s a few potential interruptions or distractions from getting out the door with your trainers on as possible. This is partly why I like to train first thing in the morning—I’ve got my gear on and I’m out the door before I even know what’s happening!


  1. Get Some Carbs. Many of us endurance athletes like to train on an empty stomach or even in a fasted state. But for a session that involves intensity and high metabolic demands, having a good, ready source of carbs can make the difference. An hour or two before your workout try a banana, small sandwich or even an energy drink.


  1. Crank the Music! When I need to get after it I turn to Rage Against the Machine. I swear any of their tracks gives an 0.5kph! Have your favourite hype up music ready to go for your key sessions and time them so the biggest, best tune is saved for the last rep!


  1. Mindset. Part of the reasoning behind reducing friction (from #1 above) is to make sure you’re mentally ready to confront the beast and not so decision fatigued that you give yourself outs when it gets tough. So, realise there are easy days and chills days for training, but today is not one of them, this is when you OWN IT!


  1. Strava Segments. These are your friends when you’re doing a big session. Whether you’re doing k-reps or hill reps, have it include a known Strava Segment and aim to do a PB on the segment in the last rep of your session.


  1. Friends! The best of friends go to the depths of pain together! Find some training buddies who are willing to keep each other accountable, push each other and pat each other on the back. It makes it so much easy to switch in to beast mode when your body is switching into beast mode too!