10 February 2017

Wellington Member’s Home

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This is the home page for all TempoFit Wellington Members.

Here you'll find all the info about your TempoFit season, plus STRONG videos, drills videos, downloadable training plans and links to helpful resources.

Got any questions? Please contact our TempoFit Wellington coordinator Jo Murray on jo@athleticswellington.org.nz and 021 976116.

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Remember your workout location options for the Late Summer 2017 Season are as follows (note the slightly earlier start and finish times for Khandallah): 

  • Tawa (6-7am TLC Mondays and ACCELERATE Thursdays) - Coach: Ness
  • Khandallah (6:25-7:20am TLC Tuesdays and ACCELERATE Thursdays) - Coach: Sean



Here are your time trial results and associated training paces:

5k Time Trial Results_7-8Jun2017

5k Time Trial Results_10-11May2017

Wellington Race Pace - Autumn 2017

Wgtn VO2max Relays - Autumn 2017



Here are your time trial results and associated training paces:

FINAL TIME TRIAL: 2017 Late Summer 3k Time Trial - 13 April

INITIAL TIME TRIAL: 2017 Late Summer 3k Time Trial

Wgtn - Late Summer 5k & 3k Intervals

If you need to update your training paces, please use our calculator.

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Recent Strong Workouts

Strong: 027 – Happy Hips

Our hips are a key hinge point from which we can produce power, but if they are wake can lead to all sorts of instabilities and injury risks. This short workout will target common weak areas and also give the abs a little going over.  

Strong – 026 – Plank Like You’ve Never Planked Before

It’s to plank like it’s 1999! The ability to hold yourself in strong, postural correct position when parallel to the ground is a great way of making you strong when running upright. A little bit of core work and targeted strength training can get the areas that running on its own typically doesn’t reach. And this[…]

Strong: 025 – The Essentials

A short workout targeting some of the essential muscle groups for developing a smooth and stable running style. Sweat rating: 2/5 No gear required.

Blogs, Podcasts & Training Tips

How to Spot the Difference: Stress Buster or Stress Booster?

By Hayden Shearman All across the world, for the past 14 months or so of Covid lockdowns and restrictions and uncertainties, stress levels have been running pretty high. There’s a good chance we’ve all got at least a mild case of chronic stress. So, how can we use running to break up that stress and[…]

Workout of the Week: 068 – 4x Mile

Bring on the mile reps! There’s something nostalgic doing mile reps that connects us to generations who have come before and churned rep after rep of 1609m. Plus, they’re great for building both engine and wheels! WHAT? 4x mile @ your 10k race pace400m jog recoveries Terrain: Running track or flat, measurable pathway. Feels: Smiles[…]

Workout of the Week: 066 – Becky Wade’s 400s

For our holiday season special, we’ve got 2:30-marathoner Becky Wade back to bring us a fun track session that provides a nice combo of interval- and endurance-style training. WHAT? 4 sets of:[4x 400m @ your 10k-5k race pace100m jog float]800m jogs between sets Terrain: Track or measurable pathway. Feels: The Christmas dinner burner! This workout[…]


Here's your training plan (click to download PDF). Print it out, paste it to your fridge or save it to your phone and use it to remind you of what's coming up, to guide your running outside of TempoFit and to track the training you do (very useful for future reference!):

2017 Autumn Wellington Training Plan - 10k

2017 Autumn Wellington Training Plan - Half Marathon

2017 Autumn Wellington Training Plan - Full Marathon