Workout of the Week: 061 – Repeats #4

Let’s go from speedy to speedier, fast to faster, and smooth to smoother! This one will get your inner Ferrari humming!  


3x 200m @ your 800m race pace
3x 400m @ your mile race pace
3x 200m @ your 800m race pace
Recovery: 400m jogs (or more between reps)
Terrain: A track (or measurable path).

Feels: Silky Smooth   

This is our fourth week of repeats and now your body and mind will be adapting to running fast and controlled. So, use these shorter but faster reps to really hon in on being the smoothest runner you can be.   


Running fast reps is the ultimate crucible for refining a smooth running technique. Because of the speed and power and efficiency required, your body will naturally—and with a little intentional direction—find its most effective movement patterns.

This intentional technique work pays off massively regardless of whether you’re training for middle distance track events or ultra trail races. Smoothness contributes to lower injury risk, better efficiency and raised ceiling on your potential over those longer distances.     


Make the most of those 400m recoveries. We want you to be fully ready to go by the time you press start for each repeat. If you’re still tired from the last one, take more rest.

Also, be sure that you’re FULLY warmed up before diving into your first 200m rep. So do 15-20 minutes of jogging, some dynamic stretches and some warm up drills (check out for drill ideas).



Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut with your running, your fitness, your nutrition, or even your work life, relationships and mental wellness? Here are a few ideas that I use as a running coach to help people shake things up and discover new horizons.

1. Do Different Things.

When you put in the same training stimulus, typically you just get the same results. If you want to break things out of a rut in running, the first thing to look at is what novel training you can introduce. This month of faster track workouts is a great example, and it’s so cool hearing from ultra and trail runners who are tackling these sessions in their off-season to work on speed and technique—it will help big time when you want to be more efficient over the long runs and to have good technique and range to tackle the hills.

Likewise, if you want to shake up your nutrition habits, doing something different like a month of Hello Fresh or doing a nutrition challenge (like tracking your macros) or our TempoFit annual No Treats Till Christmas Challenge (choose your kryptonite food and avoid it from 25 Nov to 24 Dec).

2. Hang in Different Circles.

The people you’re around make a MASSIVE difference to the way you train and your internal self-talk. The saying “if you’re the smartest in the room, you’re in the wrong room” applies to running as well. I’ve had the privilege of training with some of the world’s top runners and every time I do, I come out with my horizons shifted and new, exciting expectations for my own running.

Find training partners (whether running, in the gym or in yoga) who are a couple of clicks further along in the training journey compared to you. Learn from them and allow their positive self-talk to rub off on you.

3. Think Different Things.

All great achievements start with a shift in the mind. And the great thing about running is that we all have plenty of time to sharpen and fuel our minds when we’re out there running.

This is where I use Audible and podcasts to fuel my mind with strategies and learning that grow me as a person and as an athlete. As we approach the holiday period, find a highly-rated motivational or sports psychology book, and aim to consume and be changed by it ready for a new year.

Finally, remember that you are not stuck where you are. You can improve. Every journey starts with one small step in the right direction. Make that step and keep walking (i.e. running)! You got this!