Workout of the Week – 053: Ladder Session #5

The finale of our fartlek ladder workouts, this one will get the wheels rolling and test things out on some hill reps too!


2x15s – 2x30s (uphill) – 2x1min – 2x2min – 2x1min – 2x30s (uphill) – 2x15s
@ 800m to 5k to 800m race effort

Recovery: 1min recovery jogs

Terrain: Flatish, except run the 30-second efforts uphill.

Feels: Onwards & Upwards

More speed this week and the introduction of hill reps for each of the 2x30s intervals. You’ll start and finish the workout at about 800m race pace (fast, but not sprinting) and slow up each time the interval gets longer to be doing the 2-minute efforts at 5k race pace.


The faster efforts are designed to develop technique and the hill reps and the middle longer sections will put that technique through its paces and make sure you can stay strong when things get a bit tougher.


Be sure to be in control for the 15 and 30-second efforts. Don’t sprint them, but treat them as opportunities to run fast and be fully aware of the movements your body is making—aiming to optimise them the whole way.

Same idea for the longer intervals in the middle. Use the technique cues you’re working on in the shorter intervals to command great efficiency with relaxed and powerful running even though you might get a little tired.


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