Workout of the Week: 088 – Hill Reps Part 2

You wanted hills and here they are!!! This is the climax to our hill series. Give it a whirl and be sure to let us know how it goes! Tag us in on @runtempofit (FB & IG).


Hill Reps
5x 2 minutes uphill @ 5k race effort
Jog back down very easily for your recoveries

Terrain: Mild-to-moderately steep hill

We worked out lungs and legs last week, and we’re hitting those same areas again but this time with slightly less intensity but a lot more time under tension.

Last week we were running at 3k race effort, this week it’s 5k race effort. This enables us to go longer for those 2-minute intervals (as opposed to 1 minute).

So, stay focused with great technique and Navy Seal-like perseverance.


This workout has you running uphill at a good clip for 10 minutes in total. That is plenty of time for your lungs and heart to get a good workout, learning to process fatigue on the run and get the fuel where it needs to be to keep you driving up that hill.


Do this workout on a mild to moderate hill that isn’t so steep that you can’t run properly and isn’t so flat that you’re not getting that extra resistance from gravity.

Keep the recoveries very cruisy so there’s enough time to recover between reps, but only just enough time.

Your first rep will give you a marker that you can use to gauge the effort of your remaining reps. Ideally you’ll want to end at the same spot after every 2-minute effort, if not getting slightly further each time.