Kiwi Running Show – 002 w/ Hamish Carson

Episode Two of the Kiwi Running Show continues our NZ’s Next Top Miler series with Hamish Carson. We also talk cross country and share news from the weekend, including a preview of the upcoming New Zealand Secondary Schools Cross Country.

Hamish Carson on Instagram:

Hamish Carson

Dorne Cup: How about this for a water jump!? Photo: Sharon Wray.

Dorne Cup - Sharon Wray

Nick Willis’ Mile in Oslo:

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4 thoughts on “Kiwi Running Show – 002 w/ Hamish Carson

  • How many people know that Arch jelley, coach of Hamish Carson, once came 1st equal in the Dorne Cup race?

    • That’s a cool little fact. Do you know what year that was? and who came 1st equal?

      • I have spoken to Arch, and the bloke he dead-heated with was Bill Gaudin. There is a reference to this race in the Scottish Club’s publication, claiming that Bill Gaudin would have won the race if the finish line had been better defined, and Arch’s reaction to that claim is “Bullshit!”. Arch was running in soft mud , while Gaudin was on firmer ground. The year was 1956, the year before Arch shifted to Auckland.

        • Oh wow great to know. And awesome to hear of a little bit of controversy and banter 🙂

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