Workout of the Week: 055 – Hill Reps #2

It’s the second week of month-long attack of the hills throughout October and this week coupling the hill efforts with some tempo runs.


2 sets of:
3x30s uphill strides (jog back down for recovery)
10min tempo run @ lactate threshold pace

Recovery: 4min recovery jog between the two sets.

Terrain: Moderate hill next to a flat pathway for the tempo.

Feels: Rocking and Rolling

The hill efforts should be fast but controlled (not sprinting) so that you’re rocking great technique for all six of them. Do the tempo runs five minutes out, five minutes back. Aim to roll along with nice even splits, feeling your body flush out the fatigue of the hills in the tempo runs.


Throughout the month we’re gradually increasing our exposure to the hill training. So, each week builds on the one previous, meaning we continue our focus on building speed, power and technique on the hill strides.

The tempo runs require the body to learn to flush out fatigue on the run so this workout is great training for all sorts of racing from the 800m right up to hilly trail marathons.


Remember to keep the hill efforts fast but not all out—they’re strides, not sprints! And stand tall throughout imagining a string pulling you tall and a rope tied around your middle pulling you up the hill.



Many of our TempoFit listeners and readers are prepping for marathons and half marathons right now. I’ve talked to several runners lately who are worried because they’re tired and the long runs aren’t feeling good. If this is you, what can you do?

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