Workout of the Week: 085 – Hill Strides + K-Reps

For the next four weeks it’s all about “more hills, more thrills”! But don’t worry, we’re easing you into it with this mixed session of hill strides and 1k reps.


Hills & Reps
3 sets of:
2x 15sec uphill strides
1k @ your 5k race pace
3-4mins recovery jogs between sets

Terrain: Moderately steep, short hill + flat, measurable pathway.

The hill strides are done fresh so you can focus on great technique and solid expression of speed and power. Avoid sprinting them so you can stay in that “controlled but fast” mode.

The 1k reps will bring the intensity to the session and provide that little challenge of switching from hills to flat and from fast to steady.


Hills are like a pressure cooker that demands so much more from our bodies than the flat. And as such they are great for discovering improvements in technique (leading to efficiencies) and in power.

When I’ve done blocks of hill training I always find my fitness has crashed through a glass ceiling and find myself at a new level in terms of the paces I’m hitting in workouts and races.


Choosing the right location for your workout is important. You’ll want a short hill (about 100 metres minimum) with a moderate incline and flat measurable pathway just nearby for the 1k reps.

Jog back down the hill very lightly after each of the hill strides and make the most of the nice long jog between sets so that you’re fully recovered before each of the hill strides.

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