Workout of the Week: 119 – The 2022 Special

Happy New Year! To celebrate 2022, we’re doing a workout this week perfectly suited for the occasion with two 20-minute tempo runs and then a final 2-minute blast off: 20-20-2!


The 20-20-2
2x [20-minute tempo run @ half marathon pace, 5min jog] 2 minutes at your 3k race pace

Terrain: Flat, measurable pathway or trail.

Think of this session like a cake: two big juicy slabs of cake with the tempo runs, all topped off with some tasty icing in the form of a 2-minute speedy interval to close.

If you’d like a speedier session, you could swap the second 20-minute tempo run for 5x 2-minute intervals at 5k-to-3k race pace (with 2-minute recovery jobs).


This workout has a significant endurance focus and actually gets harder the faster your half marathon time is. So, we’re trying to bank away a good solid session to start the year.

The fast 2-minute effort at the end is a great way of training both body and mind to close hard.


Because of the length of the session, it pays to treat this workout like your medium-long run (or even long run) for the week. And you’ll also want to make sure you have some easy days before and after the session to make sure you can nail the workout and recover well.