6 June 2016

Other Cities

Do you want to train with others in a cranking team environment?

Join a 6-week TempoFit Season at a location near you!


TempoFit Group Fitness is ideal for anyone capable of running 5k non-stop (no matter your speed – we have the full spectrum).

You’ll develop efficient running technique, improve speed and endurance, and most of all have a blast falling in love with your running again.

A TempoFit season is 6 weeks long and comprised of three workouts per week: TLC, ACCELERATE & LSD.

We are partnering with Athletics NZ and running clubs all over the country to bring a TempoFit to a town near you.

Current Cities: Auckland (3 locations), Hawke's Bay (Napier), Wellington (5 locations), and Dunedin (Logan Park).

Develop running technique to improve efficiency, help prevent injuries and increase enjoyment.
Gain access to our wonderful collection of discounts on running gear, race entries and yummy treats.
Improve strength and stability with our core and conditioning workouts. And learn the drills used by the pros.
On average, a single season of TempoFit improves new runners' performances in a 5k time trial by a whopping six per cent.
Discover your ideal training paces and track your progress over the 6-week season, setting goals for future races.
Learn to run fast and relaxed. Let your inner Ferrari roar with interval training, fartleks and tempo runs.
On top of the group workouts, you'll have a take-home plan to help guide and track your training.
The home of TempoFit, we run year round in Auckland helping make your running truly epic! Gear up for events like Auckland Marathon, Round the Bays, and North Shore Marathon.
For the first time ever in Hawke's Bay, join TempoFit on Napier's Marine Parade this spring and get fitter and faster for summer!
In the world's coolest little capital we host four seasons each year to get you ready for specific events like Round the Bays and Wellington Marathon.
Join dozens of other Dunedin runners of ALL abilities at Logan Park (weekdays) and exploring the hills and harbour at the weekends.