Workout of the Week: 014 – Feel-Good Fartlek

As we farewell 2019, we’re doing a run-it-as-you-feel fartlek: 10x 1min on, 1min off.

You might do it fast, you might do it cruisey, or you might start slower and finish fast—it’s up to you and how your legs are feeling!

Fartlek: 10x 1min at whatever speed you feel like

Recoveries: 1 minute easy jog

Terrain: Fun undulating trails—beach, bush, park, whatever spins your wheels!

Feels: So alive!

Let’s make this a super feel-good workout. And while we do so, make it the perfect opportunity to reflect on our mindset leading in to 2020.


1. Challenge Yourself Once Per Week (Twice Absolute Max)

The saying “do something every day that scares” does not apply to running!

When I’ve seen runners who adopt this mentality they either quit or end up injured—or both! Instead, reserve one (maybe two) days per week were you step outside of your comfort zone (e.g. with Workout of the Week and/or a long run), but the rest of your runs are cruisey, zero-anxiety, feel-good runs.

If you’re a new runner and even a 15-minute run is anxiety producing, then just head out the door for a 30-minute walk with 5x3mins runs. If that’s too much, make it 5x2mins or 5x1min. Reserve the anxiety for that one run a week where you step things up.

2. Have a Goal

The saying that does apply to runners is “without a vision the people perish”. Set a goal or three for 2020.

It might be a certain race, it might be hitting a certain time or it might be a more intangible goal like running or cross training everyday. Whatever it is, lock it in, tell your friends and family about it and shift whatever needs shifting in your schedule to make sure it can happen.

3. Make It Social

Anecdotally, if I could pinpoint one constant between those runners I have coached who have been successful in their goals—whether that’s to run a certain event, beat a certain time or lose weight—it’s that they have had a social element to their running.

This might be a running club, a running buddy, regular attendance at parkrun or a great community online. Make it your goal in the New Year to up the social-ness of your running.

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