Workout of the Week: 022 – Cam Graves 1k Reps

For the final week of Fast February we bring you a super fun gear-changing workout from a super fast Kiwi, Cam Graves.

It’s 5x1k but not as you’ve ever known it!

In each 1k rep, every 200m we’ll be oscillating between mile pace and 10k race pace. So get ready to get speedy!

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Get on it!


5x1km @ BOTH your mile & 10k paces changing speeds every 200m (2min jog recoveries)

Terrain: Running track or flat measurable path.

Feels: Humming!

Each 200m of each interval, you will change gears to the following race paces: Mile, 10k, Mile, 10k, Mile. This gear changing can feel strange to begin with, but you’ll soon discover how to switch from one speed to the next accurately.

Use your “lap” button to monitor each 200m split. If you get too tired, slow the 10k-speed 200s down in order to keep the focus on the faster 200s.


In the podcast Cam explains how he uses these workouts to prepare for the dynamics of a tactical race where there are surges and gear changes all the time. But even if you don’t run track races, these workouts are great for teaching your body to find new gears, to be comfortable with speed, and to flush out fatigue on the run.


In traditional 1km reps we’d be looking at overall splits for each 1k as the key metric to monitor your progress. However, in this workout, we’re more interested in each 200m split and how they differ between mile pace and 10k pace.

For example, if you’re a 25-minute 5k runner your 200m splits will be as follows (repetition/mile pace = 4:09min/k; 10k race pace = 5:11min/k):

  • 49secs
  • 62secs
  • 49secs
  • 62secs
  • 49secs

Use the calculator to work out your paces.


In high school, Cam was a keen footballer but was spotted by former NZ rep runner, and current coach, Paul Hamblyn, who convinced Cam to knuckle down with some running.

That training paid off and he finished his high school running as New Zealand 3000m schools champ.

Into his 20s Cam has continued to be one of New Zealand’s top domestic distance runners, all culminating in a national cross country title in 2019.

His current personal bests are (at 24 Feb 2020):

  • 1500m = 3:51
  • 5000m = 14:09
  • 10,000m = 29:04
  • Half Marathon = 1:05:28

Cam Graves on Instagram