Workout of the Week: 122 – Time Under Tension Pt.3

This week is the finale of our series on broken tempo runs where this week we get through 36 minutes of solid work—all designed to make your body a fatigue-flushing machine! 


Time Under Tension Pt.3
3x 12mins @ Lactate Threshold Pace (your 1-hour race pace)
3mins jog recovery

Terrain: Flat, measurable pathway.

A broken tempo run is a good way to get more time at threshold because the short jog recoveries allow a touch of freshness to come back into the lungs, legs and noggin—meaning you can get through more total work than you otherwise might.

And, remember, your lactate threshold is your one-hour race pace and sits right on that border between steady-state and high-intensity running.


We want our bodies to get really good at flushing out fatigue on the run. Lactate threshold training is one of the best ways to do this as it sits right on that fence between energy systems.


36 minutes of work plus the recovery jogs and warm ups and warm downs make this session significant in terms of time and distance. So be sure to factor that in when planning your week by treating it like a medium long run and spacing out other big miles in the week away from this session.

Head to the Race and Pace Calculator at to calculate your pace for this session.

You’ll also want some terrain that allows you to measure your splits accurately so fine somewhere flat and GPS-friendly.

Keep the recoveries as light jogs or even slow to a walk if you haven’t done much endurance training recently.