Workout of the Week: 127 – Legs, Lungs & Lactate Ladder Pt.4

This is the finale of our ladder series of workouts and it’s JUICY one!! WHAT? Legs, Lungs & Lactate Ladder Pt.4 4x30s, 3x1min, 2x2mins 10mins (@ 1-hour race pace), 2x2mins, 3x1min, 4x30s @ mile-to-5k race pace 1min jog recoveries (2mins either side of the 10-minute tempo) Terrain: Undulating terrain for a fartlek session or flat,[…]

Workout of the Week: 126 – Legs, Lungs & Lactate Ladder Pt.3

This week’s ladder session is a really tasty sandwich with short, fast reps as the bread and a juicy tempo run as the middle. Be sure to give this workout a go! WHAT? Legs, Lungs & Lactate Ladder Pt.3 3x30s, 3x1min, 10mins (@ 1-hour race pace), 3x1min, 3x30s @ mile-to-3k race pace 2min jog recoveries[…]

Workout of the Week: 122 – Time Under Tension Pt.3

This week is the finale of our series on broken tempo runs where this week we get through 36 minutes of solid work—all designed to make your body a fatigue-flushing machine!  WHAT? Time Under Tension Pt.3 3x 12mins @ Lactate Threshold Pace (your 1-hour race pace) 3mins jog recovery Terrain: Flat, measurable pathway. A broken[…]

Workout of the Week: 121 – Time Under Tension Pt.2

Continuing our series on broken tempo runs, this week we add 25% more time to the session—ramping up your opportunity to get stronger and go faster for longer. WHAT? Time Under Tension Pt.23x 10mins @ Lactate Threshold Pace (your 1-hour race pace)2-3mins jog recoveryTerrain: Flat, measurable pathway. A broken tempo run is a good way[…]

Workout of the Week: 005 – 30-minute Tempo

Congratulations to everyone who ran the Auckland Marathon (and half and traverse)! It’s been so cool following your results on social media and seeing the reward of all that hard work in training come to fruition! This week we step things up towards epic proportions in our workout with a 30-minute tempo run, plus strides[…]

Workout of the Week: 004 – 25-Minute Tempo

Break out that GPS watch! It’s time to introduce the tempo run! We’ve crossed the midway point in this lactate threshold 6-week block training and so we’re switching from fartlek intervals to sustained tempo runs. And with this change, we’re leaving the trails for flight, ideally measured, paths (or you can do this in a[…]

Workout of the Week: 002 – Fartlek 6x 3:30

After last week’s intro to threshold training, today we step things up by tweaking two dials: interval length and recovery duration. It’s a fartlek workout again, so hunt out your favourite undulating trails and get ready to get rollin’! And we are now on Strava, make sure you join our club here: And don’t[…]