Workout of the Week: 001 – Fartlek 6×3

Here it is … the first ever TempoFit Workout of the Week!

As the name suggests, this is a weekly run workout delivered via podcast, email and social media so you can do the run wherever you are in the world and whenever you like.

Each week we’ll give you the what, the how and why on the workout so that you’re inspired to get out there and crush it.

Plus, we get social!

As soon as you’re done with the workout, post up an image, GPS file or selfie aftermath using the hashtag #tempofitwow001 (the three numbers at the end matching the number of the workout/episode) and tag us (@runtempofit) on Insta and FB. We’ll send you props and share in your joys and challenges that running brings!

So this week’s workout …

Workout of the Week 1


6x 3 minutes @ lactate threshold effort (your one-hour race pace—the effort level you could sustain for 60 minutes all out)


2-minute recovery jogs after each 3-minute interval


Ideally off-road on undulating trails or mixed surfaces (grass, dirt, gravel).


Energising! This is definitely not an empty-the-tank type of workout. You should finish it feeling like you could quite easily do the whole thing again if you had to. So, be conservative with that early pacing in the first two reps.

Be honest and ask,”Is this truly my one-hour pace?”


Over the coming six weeks we’re laying the foundation to build a big, strong castle that will be your ability to handle and fuel yourself off lactate.

This first workout is just an intro, so shouldn’t feel too taxing. We want to keep a lid on the pace so that we don’t shock our bodies into a new training regime suddenly. And we don’t want to get in the habit of doing these workouts faster than we should, otherwise we won’t be able to handle the pace when we hit the big one at the end of the 6 weeks: 40 minutes at lactate threshold pace.

Tune in to the podcast to understand what lactate is and why running at lactate threshold is so useful for runners.


This week’s workout is 6x 3 minutes at lactate threshold effort. The emphasis is on “effort” because we don’t want to do today’s workout on a measured or flat surface (where your GPS will give you speeds and splits). Instead we want to do this workout by feel and allow ourselves to tune in to how we’re really feeling.

We’ll get to the measured splits in a future workout. This week, just enjoy running by feel!


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