Workout of the Week: 002 – Fartlek 6x 3:30

After last week’s intro to threshold training, today we step things up by tweaking two dials: interval length and recovery duration.

It’s a fartlek workout again, so hunt out your favourite undulating trails and get ready to get rollin’!

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So this week’s workout …


6x 3 minutes 30 seconds @ lactate threshold effort (your one-hour race pace—the effort level you could sustain for 60 minutes all out). 


90-second recovery jogs after each 3:30 interval (i.e. slightly shorter rest than last time).


Ideally off-road on undulating trails or mixed surfaces (grass, dirt, gravel).


Invigorating! A step up from last week but still not a go-to-the-well type of workout. You should finish it feeling like you could do the whole thing again.

Be conservative with that early pacing in the first two reps. Be honest and ask,”Is this truly my one-hour effort?”


We’re two weeks into our six-week lactate threshold block of workouts. So this is the final layer of the foundation before we start doing some prolonged intervals at lactate threshold effort.

Like last week, we want to keep a lid on the pace so that we don’t go beyond that lactate threshold. Remember, you shouldn’t be able to talk in long sentences at this pace, but also you shouldn’t be so out of breath that you can’t speak at all—short sentences is the goal. 

Tune in to the podcast to understand why running these workouts over mixed terrain is so valuable..


This week’s workout is 6x 3 minutes 30 seconds at lactate threshold effort. Once again, the emphasis is on “effort” because we don’t want to do today’s workout on a measured or flat surface (where your GPS will give you speeds and splits). Instead we want to do this workout by feel and allow ourselves to tune in to how we’re really feeling.

We’ll get to the measured splits in a future workout. This week, just enjoy running by feel!


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