Workout of the Week: 011 – Hannah Wells’ 200s

Ready to get those wheels rolling? This workout from elite Kiwi triathlete Hannah Wells is perfect for all those looking to get speedy!

16x 200m @ your VO2max pace

100m jog (very light) after each interval

Flat, ideally on a track (although this can be run as a fartlek: 30secs on, 30secs off)

Stoking the fire.

At only 200m, the intervals are short but the pace is on (running at a speed you could only hold for 10 minutes non-stop) and the recoveries are only 100m jog.

This all means that by the end you should be breathing pretty heavy as your lungs and heart rate start to max out.


Ideally you’ll be running this on a measured 400m track where every 100m is marked.

If you don’t have access to a track you can run this with a GPS watch, but don’t expect the distances or speeds to be accurate given the short duration of each interval.

You can also turn this workout into a fartlek session over trails by running 16x 30secs on/30secs off.


As Hannah Wells explains in the podcast, this workout is great at re-introducing leg speed into your training diet. The shortness of the reps mean that you can really focus on good technique and ease your body into feeling comfortable at this pace.

Of course, eventually this workout gets challenging, but by then, if you’ve paced it right, you’ll only have 3-4 reps to go.


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