Workout of the Week: 092 – 5k Pace Intervals #4

Get fast and gutsy with this fun workout that combines 200s with 1k reps. One’s great for developing technique and smooth mechanics and the other is great for bringing out that inner work-horse mentality. 


5k Pace Intervals
3x 200m @ your mile race pace
4x 1k @ your 5k race pace
3x 200m @ your mile race pace

2 minutes jog recovery after every interval

Terrain: Flat, measurable pathway or running track

The 200s at the start are there to work on good mechanics and speed while you’re nice and fresh. Whereas the 200s at the end test your ability to still stay strong and in command of your running technique when you’re fatigued.

Use the full 2-minute jog recoveries in order to make sure the 200s are done nice and fresh.


In running training, there are typically two goals: 1) to run hard, and 2) to run well. This workout ticks both of those boxes in one session.

The running well takes place in the 200s which each have plenty of recovery to ensure you’re fully ready to go for each one and focus on great technique. The running hard takes place in the 1k reps where the 2-minute recoveries are just long enough to get your heart rate under control before going again.


If you have access to a running track, the 200s will be nice and easier to do. For the rest of us, you may need to improvise. I do this improvisation by understanding how many seconds it takes me to run 200m at mile pace and then just running that time and judging the pace by feel.

For example, if I’m targeting 6mins for my mile time, I know that I should be doing my 200s in 45 seconds. So, I’d just run for 45secs at roughly mile pace. You can use your GPS to estimate the pace, but remember that most watches will struggle to be accurate enough over such short distances as 200m.