Workout of the Week: 012 – Hayden Wilde 6x1k

This one is a classic! It comes from a young gritty triathlete who has been turning heads all over the triathlon world with his come-from-behind strategy.

Give this a go to sharpen up for a 5k race or to just unleash the lungs and the legs to do their thing!

6x1k @ 5k race pace

(NOTE: 4x1k if your 5k is 25mins or more, 5x1k if between 20-25mins)


90 second rest (walk, don’t run!)


Flat, measured (or measurably) pathway or running track.


In the groove.

The 90-second complete rest should allow your heart rate to return to normal-ish after each interval, meaning you can slot into that groove of nailing your 5k race pace.


You’ll want to do this workout with a very solid grasp on your current 5k race time (not your dream time!).

So plug a recent race result or estimate in to our pace calculator and be sure to stick to your splits!

If your 5k time is above 25 minutes, please only do 4 reps. And if you’re between 20 and 25 minutes, do 5 reps. This is important in order tweak the workout to your fitness level and make sure we’re all doing a similar amount of work as far as time-on-feet is concerned.


In the podcast, Hayden Wilde’s coach, Craig Kirkwood explains that this workout should have very little lactate build up—as the 90 seconds rest should return things back to normal. As such, it’s not a puke-yourself workout, but a get-comfortable-running-hard workout.


Hayden is currently the number triathlete in New Zealand and at only 22 has already made his presence felt on the pro-circuit with his come-from-behind-and-battle-up-front tactics.

He’s run some of the fastest splits run splits on the tour and this workout will give you a taste of the sort of work he gets through on a regular basis.



A big thank you also to Craig Kirkwood (Hayden’s coach). Follow Craig on his Instagram and Facebook.