Workout of the Week: 079 – Marathon Maker #3

This is the third of four Marathon Maker workouts and things are getting serious! This session has 15k worth of work, so when you add in recoveries and warm up and warm down jogs, you’re logging A LOT of miles!


Marathon Maker #3

5k – 4k – 3k – 2k – 1k (5k & 4k @ your marathon pace, 3k & 2k @ your half marathon pace, 1k @ 10k pace)

1k recovery run between each interval

Terrain: Flat, measurable pathway.

The length of this workout is the big challenge (let alone having to accelerate up to half marathon and then 10k pace at the end) so it pays to treat this session as your long run (or one of your long runs) for the week.

And it also reinforces the need to pace yourself really well in that first 5k block at marathon pace. Know your fitness and aim to hit your splits right from the start.


This workout has what I call a “Bake the Cake” result. It brings many different ingredients together (endurance, aerobic fitness, good mechanics, speed base, pacing skills) and applies some heat (in terms of a good long workout) to hopefully get everything working in harmony.

It’s not the sort of workout you’d do in your base phase or off-season, but rather has a specific purpose of preparing the body to run long as fast as possible (i.e. great for the marathon, half marathon and even shorter ultra marathons).


Now, if you’re in the situation of having a marathon, half marathon or ultra just around the corner or you just haven’t done much mileage, don’t worry we can tweak this workout to suit your goals and fitness. To do so just drop either or both the 4k and/or 3k sections. So, you might just do 5k-2k-1k or you might do 5k-4k-2k-1k or 5k-3k-2k-1k. It’s important to adapt workout to your fitness and goals, so don’t be afraid to tweak this one!




As you warm up and prepare for a workout like this (or like next week’s session) it can be quite daunting, so here are five tips for making sure you crush this bad boy. (And so it doesn’t crush you!)

  1. Pacing is Key: Pacing is tremendously important in a race, and the same applies to these long workouts. Know your fitness. Estimate your paces. And stick to them right from the start!
  2. Crank the Music: The adrenalin and atmosphere of a race is incredibly for getting the most out of yourself. It can be difficult to replicate this in training, but a well selected playlist is a great place to start. Choose your fight song for that final kilometre!
  3. Bring Company: And the next best way to replicate that race experience is a little rent a crowd. Bring along a training buddy, a friend on a bike or make a party of it with your favourite training group.
  4. Make an Occasion of it: This workout is long so you will need a significant amount of time to just run it. But I’d also suggest carving out a little more time for good recovery. So book in a recovery brunch at a café, rest the legs in an ice bath and even get a relaxing message.
  5. Practise Race Day Processes: These workouts are perfect for practising everything you’re going to do on race day. Lay out your gear the night before, wake at the same time, eat the same breakfast, wear EXACTLY the same kit (including little things like socks and sunscreen) and consume the same nutrition and hydration.