Workout of the Week: 114 – What Doesn’t Kill You Pt.2

We’re one week out from our calisthenics-meets-running challenge and this is the perfect workout to tune up both running legs and press up arms!


What doesn’t kill you … Pt. 2
5 sets of:
[20 squats, 10 press ups, 5 burpees
3mins @ your 5k race effort]

2mins jog or active recoveries

Terrain: Flat measurable path or running track

The beauty of combining calisthenics exercises like bodyweight squats, press ups and especially burpees to running is that we can crank up the intensity of the workout without overly stressing our running muscles and tendons.

This session steps up the running a little more than last week and also reduces the recoveries in preparation for next week’s non-stop workout challenge which has no recoveries.


Strength work, even if it doesn’t involve weights, is often over-looked by runners. It’s a great way to build power, stability, coordination and overall athleticism—which should all improve your running in the long run (excuse the pun!).


Be sure that you dial in good technique with the exercises. The first two weeks of doing this session is not raced or timed because I want you to take all the time you need to get your technique sorted before your dial up the intensity.