Workout of the Week: 116 – Countdown to Christmas Pt.1

This workout is as easy as 4-3-2-1, twice over. Do it fast. Do it cruisy. You choose. The one rule for this session, though, is have FUN!


Fartlek Countdown to Christmas Pt.1
2 sets of:
4-3-2-1 minutes @ speeds of your choosing
1 minute jog recoveries

Terrain: Undulating trails or flat, measurable pathway (you choose!)

In the midst of the silly season it pays to have some workouts up your sleave that are good for the soul and that also provide that flexibility to either cruise or to crank it up and turn it into a stress buster.

So, you could do this session as a mild fartlek over your favourite beautiful trail. Or you could ramp up the paces and make it a good hard interval session where you pay attention to speeds and splits.


Running can’t always be about what we can give to our running; it should also be about what it can give to us!

I love this sort of session because it’s so flexibility to fit around how we’re feeling on the day and also what unique goals or training situations we might each have.


When there is this flexibility of purpose, it pays to ask yourself what you want from the workout as you’re doing the warm up. If you do want to dial up the intensity, make sure you make that commitment to be all-in from word go. But if you want to pull things back, be sure to keep those first few efforts especially nice and cruisy (like no faster than half marathon pace.