Workout of the Week: 106 – Hilly Fartlek

It’s time to let yourself loose in the trails and hills! This fartlek workout is designed to free you up to get stronger on the verticals.



6x4mins @ your 1-hour race effort

w/ 2min recovery jogs

Terrain: Undulating hills.

Hunt some hills today. But nothing too mountainous. Ideal would be uphill and downhill sections that take anywhere from 10 seconds to two minutes so you have that feel of constant change, without the strain of a long, grinding hill.

No hills? No problem. Exchange the hills for a treadmill, changing the gradient every 90 seconds.


Fartlek workouts allow us the freedom to not worry what the watch is saying but to dial ourselves into how our bodies are working and free ourselves up to just have fun with the running.

They also allow us the opportunity to gradually introduce a new training stress, in this case hills, without shocking the body.


Find an undulating hilly trail to do this session on. However, be sure not to push the uphills too hard and end up spiking your effort levels. Keep in the back of your mind that you’re aiming for an effort level you could hold for one hour non-stop over this terrain.

The 2-minute jog recoveries play an important role in resetting the system, especially if you find you don’t get the pacing dialled in over the changing terrain.



By Hayden Shearman

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