Workout of the Week: 009 – The Fun Fartlek

TempoFit Workout of the Week 009

We’re back in to some fartlek action this week! BTW … “fartlek” is Swedish for “speed play” and this  is the perfect description of this super fun, gear-changing workout!

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So this week’s workout …


Fun fartlek with 6x 3:30 of which the first 3 minutes is lactate threshold effort (what you can hold for an hour), and the final 30 seconds at repetition pace (what you can hold for 5 minutes).


90 seconds jog after each interval.


Keep this one offroad: trails, mud, grass, sand, dirt, gravel. Leave the GPS watch at home and have fun!


Feel-good but still solid. 

The combo of the 30-second efforts at the end of each interval and the short 90-second jog recoveries will have you sucking in some big ones by the end of the workout.

But the mixed nature of the paces and the terrain will keep this workout fun and energising.


This workout ticks a lot of different boxes: threshold work, hills (as a result of the terrain you choose), faster technique running, intervals. As such, it’s the perfect bridging workout to introduce more of each of these components.

We’re also trying to teach your body and mind to switch on the speed even when tired at the end of each interval.


We don’t want you to be staring at a GPS watch for this run; run it by feel. But if you want a gauge of your lactate threshold and repetition paces simply plug in a recent or estimated race time to this calculatorand it will tell you your paces.

Remember, this workout is designed to fit into 5 minute blocks (3:30 efforts + 1:30 recoveries = 5:00). So if you get confused knowing when to run fast and when to slow down, just remember at 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 are your cues to switch into your one-hour race pace.


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