Workout of the Week: Fartlek Intervals – 010

This workout is a super energiser. Shorter intervals but quicker speed mean you’ll be getting both lungs and legs cranking!

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So this week’s workout …


5x2mins @ 10k race effort
5x1mins @ 5k race effort
5x30secs @ mile race effort


60 seconds jog after each interval.


Keep this one offroad: trails, mud, grass, sand, dirt, gravel. Leave the GPS watch at home and have fun!


Super energising!

We’re doing a good amount of faster running today but there’s still plenty of regular rests to make this a super feel-good session. You’ll feel a pinch towards the end but be sure to focus on great technique. And smile when you run!


This workout starts to get in to the zone of high intensity interval training (or HIITs). It’s not quite there but certainly is a good springboard for launching yourself into HIITs.

As such, you’ll be approaching a training zone that we call VO2max pace. This is the speed at which you top-out your body’s ability to process oxygen. We won’t quite get there but you will feel the demands on your lungs increasing throughout the session. So be sure to stay relaxed and calm!


Being a fartlek run, we want you running over mixed terrain and not looking at your watch. Run each speed by feel and be realistic when you ask yourself if you’re going the right pace.

You should feel two significant gear changes as you move from 10k race effort (5x2mins) to 5k race effort (5x1min) and then again up to mile pace (5x30secs). The mile pace is similar to what we usually talk about when we do strides—short controlled bursts of running (not sprints!).

We don’t want you to be staring at a GPS watch for this run; run it by feel. But if you want a gauge of your lactate threshold and repetition paces simply plug in a recent or estimated race time to this calculatorand it will tell you your paces.


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