Workout of the Week: 006 – 40-Minute Tempo

This is an epic workout!

40 minutes at your lactate threshold pace (one-hour race pace). No recovery jogs, no strides—just a good old solid tempo run!

And without the taper that you would do before a race, this will begin to feel race-like as you get into the final 5-10 minutes.

This is the final week of lactate threshold training before we dive into an exciting new block of training next week.

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So this week’s workout …


40 minutes @ your lactate threshold pace (your one-hour race pace—the pace you could sustain for 60 minutes all out).


No recovery jogs in the tempo run—it’s non-stop!


Ideally flat (or close to it) and measured (or where your GPS watch works well).

You can use a treadmill (if you can handle it from a sanity point of view) or a running track (although tempo runs require many laps and this constant turning left can be hard on the body).



This is a big one! With the lack of specific tapering, it will feel a little like a race and you will certainly hit that zone of discomfort that you feel in the final third of a race.

It will develop mental toughness as well as your body’s ability to flush out fatigue on the run. Be sure to not start too fast!


These long tempo runs are designed for both developing both mental and physical toughness. You’ll be teaching your body to flush out fatigue as you run.


LACTATE THRESHOLD PACE: To calculate your pace, simply plug in a recent or estimated race time to this calculator and it will tell you your pace.

Be sure to not go out too fast today. If anything, run the first KM/mile a little slower than planned so you don’t burn your matches too soon.

The last 10 minutes will be tough, but if you pace it right you’ll be able to focus on good technique and on hitting your splits and soon find yourself with 1km to go and the light at the end of tunnel.


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