Workout of the Week: 007 – Progression Run

My former coach used to call these workouts predator runs, because they have that approach of initially stalking your prey at a slower speed, then closing the gap with a faster pace and then unleashing for the final effort to take down your dinner!

This week we’re doing just that (minus the dinner—I leave that up to you to decide!) with this 30-minute progression run.

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So this week’s workout …


30-minute progression run:

  • 15mins @half marathon race pace,
  • 10mins @ 10k pace,
  • 5mins @ 5k pace.


No recovery jogs in the progression run—it’s non-stop!


Ideally flat (or close to it) and measured (or where your GPS watch works well).


Treat this like a fartlek session and run it by feel on trails.


Stoking the fire. 

The first 15 minutes should feel super comfortable but as you change up the gears the intensity will increase just enough to get you stoked on your running!

Be sure to maintain good technique in that final 5 minutes at 5k race pace and practice back-ending your effort levels.


Learning to back-end the effort of your workouts pays massive dividends when it comes to getting the most out of yourself in a race setting.

Also, it enables us to attack that lactate threshold training from a couple of new angles.


Simply plug in a recent or estimated race time to this calculatorand it will tell you your paces.

Otherwise, just estimate your paces and a rough guide once you know your half marathon pace per kilometre is to take 10-15 seconds off per km for your 10k pace and a further 5-10 seconds off for your 5k race pace.

And feel free to round up or down to the nearest KMs in order to complete your splits at a certain pace.


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