Workout of the Week: 008 – Mixed Intervals

The interval session is probably the most commonly run workout amongst runners and this workout is a nice meeting ground between the tempo runs we have been doing and a classic 1k reps session.

A little VO2max, a little threshold, and a good dose of determination required to get you through the closing stages of this workout.

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So this week’s workout …


Mixed interval session. Two sets of the following:

  • 10mins @ 10k race pace (followed by 2mins of jogging),
  • 1k @ 5k race pace (followed by 2mins of jogging).


2 minutes jog after each interval.


Ideally flat (or close to it) and measured (or where your GPS watch works well).


Treat this like a fartlek session and run it by feel on trails.


Pushing the limits. 

The faster runner you are, the harder—relatively speaking—this workout will be.

Be sure to maintain the subtle but clear distinction between 5k and 10k race paces. Use the final 1k rep to focus on great technique and staying strong despite the fatigue.


This workout adds a little more to the body’s ability to run near lactate threshold effort, while also getting up close to classic VO2max work (that’s when your lungs are going full bore). In this sense it comes close to ticking a bunch of boxes, but ultimately provides a great bridge out of threshold, tempo-style training into interval training.

Also, it gives you another opportunity to focus great running form when fatigued in that final 1km rep.


Simply plug in a recent or estimated race time to this calculatorand it will tell you your paces.

Otherwise, just estimate your paces and a rough guide once you know 5k race pace is to just add another 5-10 seconds per kilometre to find your 10k race pace.

And feel free to round up or down to the nearest KMs for the 10-minute cruise intervals in order to complete your splits at a certain pace.


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