Workout of the Week: 100 – The 100

We’ve made it to Episode #100 of the Workout of the Week podcast and what better way to celebrate than with 10x 1k and 100 burpees!?!?!? Are you up for the challenge?


THE 100

10 sets of:
– 10 burpees
– 1k @ marathon race pace
– 1-2 mins recovery jog

Terrain: A flat and measurable pathway.

The idea with this session is to pre-fatigue the body (and the mind!) with the sets of burpees and then test your ability to flush that fatigue at a steady state run.

The goal is to feel better and better as you run each 1k—showing that your body is doing a great job of returning itself to an aerobic state even while running at marathon pace.


Because we all have a little crazy in us!

And teaching the body to recover on the run and deal with some acidosis build up is important for getting you through those tough stages in a race (usually between half and three-quarters) where fatigue mounts and the finish line still seems a long way away.


The burpee is a combo of a press up and a squat jump. It truly is a full body exercise so is great at creating fatigue—and doing so QUICKLY! However, if you are new to burpees, doing 100 in one session can be a big shock to the system so feel free to tweak it by either:

  • Doing just five burpees per set
  • Changing the burpees to squats
  • Taking the press up component out of the burpees


Reaching 100 episodes is a really cool milestone for us and it’s been amazing to be able to bring you this podcast and weekly email/blog for almost two years now.

We’ve been looking at ways of involving the audience more in this journey and also in supporting what we’re doing with work in schools.

The Workout of the Week makes up just a small amount of the coaching work of TempoFit. By the far the biggest project we are working on now is developing a comprehensive 5-week running, exercise and wellness programme for 11-13 year olds called Run Revolution.

It’s a free programme that we want to roll out to schools across New Zealand in 2022 and is designed to give kids a truly enjoyable and rewarding experience of running and exercise at an age that is most impressionable.

We’d love a hand delivering that project. And by supporting Workout of the Week you can help us do so!

At our two-year anniversary of Workout of the Week (Episode #104) we will be launching a Patreon opportunity to financially contribute to the podcast/email newsletter. Every dollar given frees us up more to advance Run Revolution and help changing the lives of our young people!

More coming soon, but in the meantime have a watch of the Run Revolution Intro Video: