Workout of the Week: 126 – Legs, Lungs & Lactate Ladder Pt.3

This week’s ladder session is a really tasty sandwich with short, fast reps as the bread and a juicy tempo run as the middle. Be sure to give this workout a go! WHAT? Legs, Lungs & Lactate Ladder Pt.3 3x30s, 3x1min, 10mins (@ 1-hour race pace), 3x1min, 3x30s @ mile-to-3k race pace 2min jog recoveries[…]

Technique: Running When Tired

It’s one thing to have great running technique at the start of a race but what about when you’re 15k into a half marathon or 32k in a marathon? Does your posture collapse or cadence slow? Knowing your tendencies and having a strategy to combat them is a great way to push through those though[…]