Workout of the Week: 126 – Legs, Lungs & Lactate Ladder Pt.3

This week’s ladder session is a really tasty sandwich with short, fast reps as the bread and a juicy tempo run as the middle. Be sure to give this workout a go! WHAT? Legs, Lungs & Lactate Ladder Pt.3 3x30s, 3x1min, 10mins (@ 1-hour race pace), 3x1min, 3x30s @ mile-to-3k race pace 2min jog recoveries[…]

Workout of the Week: 046 – Tempo + Strides

You’ve gotta love a good old tempo run! This week we’re doing 25 minutes with some technique-targeting strides at the start. WHAT Tempo Run + Strides 4x20sec strides (100sec recovery jogs) 25mins @ lactate threshold pace Terrain: Flat-ish, measurable pathway. Feels: Armed and ready. Use the 4x20sec strides at the start to practice some technique[…]

Technique: Running When Tired

It’s one thing to have great running technique at the start of a race but what about when you’re 15k into a half marathon or 32k in a marathon? Does your posture collapse or cadence slow? Knowing your tendencies and having a strategy to combat them is a great way to push through those though[…]

Technique: Downhill Running

You’ve worked your backside off to get to the top of the hill, what next? How do you make the most of gravity and run efficiently downhill? And what about preventing injuries with all that pounding? Hayden explains in this two-minute video on downhill running technique …   Downhill Running Technique from TempoFit on Vimeo.

Free TempoFit Taster Session – Akld 19 Sep 2016

With just six weeks until Auckland Marathon it’s time to get that running seriously on track! And, to do just that, we’re holding a free running technique and drills session at St Heliers. When? 6:30-7:30pm Monday 19 September Where? Vellenoweth Green, St Heliers Who for? Runners of ALL abilities What do I bring? Your running[…]