Rotorua Marathon Blog: How to Avoid Running Injuries

Running injuries typically don’t involve any broken bones or blood or even bruising; they’re nagging pains or discomfort that can make running torturous and put a major road block on our marathon training journeys. As with most things, preventing running injuries is always better than looking for a cure. So how exactly do you avoid[…]

Core & Conditioning for Runners 1-3

Runners, get a strong core and injury resistant body with just three 15-minute workouts each week. These videos will guide you through each exercise step-by-step in the comfort of your own home. Core & Conditioning for Runners #1 Core & Conditioning for Runners #2 Core & Conditioning for Runners #3

Technique: Posture

Despite being one of the easiest things to correct, poor posture is one of the most common technique deficiencies amongst runners. Just a few postural checks a couple of times each run, plus a good amount of core strength, will have you running tall and balanced to allow your legs to do the job of[…]

Are You All About That Base?

By Hayden Shearman // No, this isn’t an article about “that bass” nor the other “bass”. The base I’m talking about is the running training we do in the off-season, when we’re not gazing down the barrel of an upcoming half marathon or marathon. For most of us running spring or autumn marathons and half[…]